Veronica Crystal Young

Singer, actress, and Life Coach in California

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★ Actress ★ Singer ★ Author ★ Empowerment Speaker ★ Rewire your Brain★

I am a performer and creator. I love sharing emotions, stories and songs to experience connection, and passion. Real connection is so important in this world of technology: tweets, pictures, friending, unfriending, following, unfollowing. I feel performing and writing allows for real connection and immediate emotions.

I have been working on self development for 22+ years and I have learned to listen to my inner voice.

At an early age, I took on healing from abuse and became successful despite the odds. Dealing with my own self-doubt, lack of confidence, and the feeling that I was not enough, I reached that point of regret where I had to look at my life and take the responsibility for what I really wanted.

Releasing of old programming, along with the connection and emotions I feel when I am in Performing or writing, is where I obtained my strength and passion for life.

Today I am making my dreams come true as an Actress, Singer and Author. I am empowering myself and others because I know that it is never too late. Our age does not define us. Neither does our past.

I changed my thoughts, rewired my mind, and made different positive choices, despite my struggles and challenges after the years of abuse as a child and young adult. I found my confidence, my true self and engaged in self discovery, activating my passion.

As part of the country music duo Crystal Whiskey, we are currently performing in the Antelope Valley. I am currently in rehearsals for an original play that will debut in January 2017 and I am a member of the SAG-AFTRA. I have a blog and compilation book out, both of which talk about struggles and living a powerful, purposeful life. I am the videographer and producer of the TV ArtScapes Nature Relaxation DVD Series. Thousands of patients have seen the relaxing, reconnection and energetic healing that nature brings. This 8-disc DVD series with over 160 hours of Nature footage, brings healing and peace to hospitals, spas, healthcare professionals and households across the country.

I believe it is always within your power to make the choice to discover your true self, to change the thoughts and limiting beliefs in your life that hold you back, cause self doubt or sadness; and to make way for connection, creativity, inner strength and “dream” success. When you understand where you came from, why you react the way you do, then you have the conscience ability